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Coconut Oil  Refined  500 mls

Coconut Oil Refined 500 mls


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Extraction  :    Expressed and pressed from the Coconut. 

A good oil for general moisturizing and adding a protective layer which helps to retain the moisture in your skin.    Used as a lathering agent for soaps and in generally the first choice for most soap and cosmetic makers.    Turns liquid at high temperatures. 

Organic Coconut oil is processed using the organically approved method of physical extraction and refining.   Coconuts are broken into pieces and the coconut meat is allowed to dry.  Once dry the flesh is hydraulically pressed to extract the oil. 

The oil then passes through a filter to produce the finished product, before going through a bleaching and deodorizing process. 

Citric acid is added to de gum the coconut oil.   Activated charcoal is added for bleaching.   The filtering aid diatomaceous earth is added before filtering.   Steam and vacuum methods are used to deodorize.

This method of refining is acceptable and approved under organic processing regulations.  The processing aids are entirely removed during the process and do not form part of the finished product.   These are not additives. 

Size  : 250 mls.

Information is provided for educational purpose only.


Information provided is for educational purposes only.