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About Us


          Welcome to ALL KINDS OF EVERYTHING 

   our trading name for the company

                                              The Adair Collection Ltd

               Botanical One Ltd.

A collection of Beauty Products for You to use in Your DIY Beauty, Candle, Soap Making, Mosaic and Decoupage Projects ,  including our own locally produced, Gels, Soap Bases and our NEW Glycerine Melt and Pour Soap Base. Made in Zambia.

Courses and Training are major part of the DIY business .  Physical Classes will be Complimented by online courses and self paced written courses in due course.

A range of carefully formulated natural skincare and Eco cleaning products are also available, all made using local and traditional healing herbs, flowers, roots, leaves, and barks.  Waxes and nectars are sourced from Zambian small businesses and we dry our own powders, charcoals and herbs.  Nothing goes to waste.  Every fruit peel, eggshell and twig from our garden grown herbs are made into something beneficial. 

A small niche range of Botanical Craft Gins ( imaGINation) and Cordials have been added and this is an ongoing project as we experiment with natural tastes, colors and textures to reach perfection using only natural ingredients.



All Kinds of Everything,  stock Raw Materials and Packaging  (Bottles, Jars, Boxes, Filling and Ribbon  and more  .... )   An exciting shopping place for all your crafting needs.   We introduce NEW products all the time and will gladly try to source products which we do not currently stock.  

Our products are sourced locally if possible from sustainable sources and where local products are not available we will source from anywhere in the world.  We specialize in high quality handcrafting supplies and prefer Eco friendly options where possible.  Product are all used by us in our own manufacturing projects and are therefore tried and tested.  We are able to share our experience and expertise on all the products we stock. Our focus is on empowering all Artisan Crafters to start their own businesses which with guidance, training and entrepreneurial spirit will grow into something bigger.


We want to be your partner.  We want to bring creative inspiration and expert guidance to a community of people passionate about creativity.    

You can shop Online or visit our warehouse shop in Bonaventure  Lusaka at No 5 & 6 Nova Plaza Bonaventure Rd.

We will deliver to your door step country wide via one of our couriers. All Pricing excludes shipping. 

We accept the following payments:  MTN Money, Airtel Money, EFT or Debit and Credit Cards in the Shop.  For Payments on your Visa or Mastercard we use Pesapal and DPO

Trading Hours:  Monday to Friday  9:00 to 17:00   Saturday 9:00 to 13:00 

Sunday  10:00 to 13:00

Closed on Public Holidays.


Sue, the Owner,  has been in the Herbal Beauty and Soap Making business for  25 years.   " I am passionate about my garden and all things herbal and most of all I love sharing my expertise and entrepreneurial spirit with others"   I believe it is so important to LOVE what you do for a living and this dream has certainly been realized since coming to Zambia,10 years ago.   The people in Zambia are very receptive to new knowledge and extremely health and natural beauty conscious.  It has been a pleasure and privilege sharing my knowledge and experience with some 3000 plus students and customers so far.

Alistair -  my husband and co-owner, looks after our administration and local marketing and being a retired Business Consultant, has streamlined the entire operation with regard to administration, costings, recipes, and marketing material. 

Over the next 5 years we will be empowering our team of 5 ladies to become the owners of All Kinds of Everything.  This process started from 1 September 2022.   I will always remain a small shareholder guiding and dealing with sourcing and logistics but the ladies will gradually buy their shares in the business and run all the day to day production and sales.

Penny  ( A qualified teacher)  handles sales in store and online as well as the administration related to receiving stock and all money matters.   Also our product recipes, product labeling  and quality control with the assistance of Vera. 

Shop Merchandising and most recently the preparation of the Online Shop are all part of Penny's busy day.    Penny is also learning to give the Soap Making Courses and will train Vera to be her assistant.   An all rounder, Penny attends to customer sales in the shop and has a good knowledge of all the products. 

Doreen and Brenda  - The young ladies who assist with all production, labeling and both have been trained to assist in all areas of the business.   Each one is also developing their own specific expertise.   They are responsible for

Doreen makes all the Glycerine Soap manufacture for other customers and is the expert at making the Eco Cleaning Products.  Doreen has also recently taken on the responsibility of managing the Bottle and Jar store.   This is now kept perfectly clean and tidy making stock issue, ordering and control a pleasure.   Showing great growth potential as a complete multi tasker and taking on more and more responsibility in production.

Brenda is our Castile Soap Maker a long slow cooking process. Brenda also handles the production of the Baby Range of Products which we made under the direction of a Baby Hydro Spa.  Baby safe, Natural products used by lot of new moms who are keenly Eco conscious.   Brenda has been tasked to look after our herb garden and is slowly gaining the knowledge needed for this task, including plant identifying, watering needs, harvesting and drying.   Brenda more recently has become more involved in production.

Vera - a very bright versatile young lady,  is being used in many areas and developing her expertise.  Vera is being developed into Penny's full backup and assistant able to handle sales, invoicing, shopping and cashing up.

More recently she has become our primary Artisan Soap Maker to assist in this area of growing demand,  as artisan soap is used in our cleaning products.   We have just formulated our own 100% Natural Melt and Pour Soap Base , making this a cheaper and more natural option.  Reducing Carbon Footprint as the raw products do not need to be imported into Zambia.   Local ingredients, Zambian manufactured.     2 options have been formulated    - One contains kaolin clay and the other is a pure glycerine melt and pour.  Both Soap Bases are amazing and the very best anyone can use in natural Bath and Beauty products.   Vera is also a key part of the production team.

All staff multi task and we all label products, pick and dry herbs and assist with production as required.   Its a real team effort and we are blessed to have such a wonderful team who get on happily with their daily tasks and never have a problem if we need to work a little extra when a big order needs completion.


WHAT THIS TEAM MAKES it.                                                    EXCEPTIONAL.


Sue, Alistair and the Team



 Contact  :       +260966565374     Sue

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