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Growing Wild Gel Recipes

Arnica Muscle Rub

500 ml Growing Wild Gel Base

 8ml Arnica oil

 2 drops lavender essential oil

 1 drop rosemary essential oil

Green water soluble dye (1 drop to start)

Combine the Ingredients well.

Lavender Massage Gel

Uplifting but relaxing (Good for the skin)

500ml Growing Wild Gel Base

2% lavender essential oil

Purple Water Soluble dye (Start with 2 drops). Add desired color.

Combine the Ingredients well.


After Shave Gel

500ml Growing Wild base

5 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops spearmint essential oils

2 drops green water soluble dye to achieve a pale green colour. (Optional)

Combine the Ingredients well.

Foot Massage Gel

Grounding  Uplifting

500mls Growing Wild gel base

3 drops thyme essential oil

7 drops geranium essential oil

The bottom of your feet absorbs oils faster than any other part of your body

Cellulite Rub Recipe

1/2 cup rub recipe

20 drops graperuit essential oil

mix well...Rub into areas with cellulite