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Growing Wild Cold Process Soap Recipes

Palm Oil Cold Process soap

1000g Palm Oil

260ml Water

160g Caustic Soda

Plain - Settlers Soap

500g Coconut Oil Or Wooden Spoon White Margerine

63g Caustic Soda

187g Water

Shea Butter shampoo bar

284g Olive Oil

255g Coconut Oil

113g Shea Butter

116g Avocado Oil

250ml Water

133g Caustic soda flakes

Goat milk cold process soap

1000g Pomace or Virgin Olive Oil

350g Foat Milk( Slightly Frozen)

120g Caustic Soda Flakes

There is a reason for using slightly Frozen goat milk.. The fatty acids in milk heat up really fast when caustic soda is added to it. so in order to prevent the goat milk from getting burnt, we advise to use slightly frozen. You will notice it will turn an orange color when mixed with caustic soda..that is normal ..It will change in color as it cure.....curing period is 7 weeks.

Grapeseed Cold Process Soap

500g Grapeseed Oil

50g Stearic Acid

50g Wheat Germ Oil

100g Castor Oil

200g Sunflower Oil

125g Caustic Soda Flakes

350ml Water

Coconut + Palm Cold Process

800g Palm Oil

200g Coconut Oil

300ml Water

140g Caustic soda flakes

Tea Leaf Cold Process Soap

For this recipe, We are going to use tea instead of plain water. Make tea 1 to 2 teabags in 350mls hot water. Allow your Tea to brew it to room temperature. Remove the tea bags.

250g Avocado Oil

200g Canola Oil

200g Coconut Oil

250g Olive Pomace oil

50g Shea Butter

350ml brewed tea

135g Caustic soda.