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Drop & Ship Collection

Add in New dimension to the All Kinds of Everything Online Shop. Only available to our online shoppers so please take the time to subscribe so that you are able to Drop and Ship.

Browse and Shop for a Collection of exciting NEW products we can offer on a Drop & Ship basis.   You will place your order via the shop and pay for your order.   The goods will be delivered directly to you from the supplier.  Delays will vary but will be noted on a per product basis. When you order the product will display the expected shipping time. 

Prices will include the shipping cost to your selected delivery address.  

Returns cannot be made to All Kinds of Everything.  Returns will be made directly to the supplier on their terms and conditions and all shipping costs will be for your own account.

We have done our best to source good quality products that compliment our product range.  

New Products will be added all the time and these come from all over the world.  If you have any specific requirements please do not hesitate to communicate these with us. 

Happy Shopping.  

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