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Essential Oils & Fragrances

Essential oils are used to heal the body and affect the mood. Essential oils promote relaxation, Reduce Stress and Enhance work performance.They improve concentration and alertness and also help to promote restful sleep. Essential oils elevate the mood, energize and invigorate. Help to calm and lift Depression.   Relax, Refresh and uplift.Essential oils are used in our Homes.  In Spa's and Gyms.  Schools. Hospitals and old Age homes.   Hotels and resorts.  Retails stores and office buildings.Use Essential oils to promote well being.  Good Health. Balance and Revive.


Fragrance Oils are not natural. These are laboratory engineered and often made to be similar to the natural Essential Oils in fragrance.  There is a wide range of Fragrances which have no therapeutic benefits but add amazing smells.     Fragrance oils can be used in conjunction with essential oils to ensure that you incorporate both the healing benefits and smells. Amazing blends can be made. Create yourself a signature blend.   Our fragrances are all Cosmetic grade.    Fragrances tend to be stronger than Essential oils and their smell is retained better. Fragrance oils are also generally cheaper that Pure Essential Oils.

Ideal for your cosmetic and beauty products, soap making and room sprays.


We only offer a small range of Perfume Oils.  These are specifically made for use in the manufacture of perfumes.  Many are copies of the original perfume brands.    Perfume Oil are normally added to a Perfume Alcohol Base.  These can also be used in solid perfumes and for room sprays.

We will gladly source any specific perfume oils required.